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In Defteng Pvt Ltd our structural detailing services are of essence as they assist in changing architectural designs to accurate building drawings. We do detailed drawings with accompanying specifications which can be used in making structural members. We are also able to undertake different types of structural detailing that is steel works detailing and wooden detailing.

Different types of Structural Detailing

Deftenf Pvt Ltd is providing different types of Structural detailing for residential and commercial projects.

1. Steel Detailing: We take care of all the small details for steel structures, like beams, columns, and even the tiny connections between them. its all about making sure we have a solid plan in place so we can get the job done right and on tiwithout any mistakes or delays.

2. Timber Structure Detailing: We are experts in timber structures and provide detailed plans that focus on sustainability and cutting-edge building methods. We make sure everything stays strong and secure by taking care of all the little parts that hold things together. Unique plans for timber systems, that specialize in joints, connections, and load-bearing elements to ensure structural integrity and sustainability.

3. Connection Detailing: The main point is that we pay attention to how different parts of a structure are connected, like bolts and welds. Our connection stuff makes sure everything stays strong, stable, and safe. Particular consciousness on the layout and detailing of connections between numerous structural factors, along with bolted and welded connections.

4. Foundation Detailing: Focusing on the design and detailing of bolted, welded, and riveted connections, we ensure that each connection meets structural necessities and is effortlessly constructible. This enhances the overall structural integrity and protection of the venture.

5. Bracing and Stability Detailing:Our system makes sure buildings stay strong even when things like wind and earthquakes happen. We give you clear drawings for different kinds of braces, where they go, and how they connect, so you can be sure theyre safe and stable.

6. Curtain Wall and Facade Detailing:We work on the framework of building envelopes, paying special attention to how curtain walls and facades fit together. Making sure it looks good, saves energy, and keeps it standing up straight.

7. Miscellaneous Metal Detailing: We make detailed drawings for things like stairs, railings, grates, and ladders, so they are safe and meet the design requirements, which helps make the whole project work better.

These varieties of structural detailing make sure precision, accuracy, and performance inside the production method, helping the a hit of entirety of complicated initiatives.

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